Articles and Papers

The following is just a sample of what our coaches are publishing.

African Wisdom in the Workplace - Salome van Coller-Peter, PhD, participated in article

Challenges of a Multicultural Workplace, by Ursula Leitzmann

2010 Survey: Challenges of Leading Global Teams,  by Carolyn Feuille

Leading Through Coaching, by Rajiv Vij

Coaching High Performance Global Teams, by Denise Austin Guillion

Seeing With International Eyes, by Mark Brown, MA, MBA, PCC


Featured Books by our Coaches



Competency Mapping for Superior Results


Comptency Mapping for Superior Results by Dr. Sraban Mukherjee

Lean For Dummies, 2nd edition (Wiley 2012)

Lean For Dummies, 2nd edition (Wiley 2012) Co-author Natalie Sayer


And The Next Question is - Powerful Questions For Sticky Moments by Rachel A. Alexander and Julia M.L. Russell

Beyond Tips and Sunscreen: Exploring Tourist-Host Encounters

Beyond Tips and Sunscreen: Exploring Tourist-Host Encounters through Communication, Culture and Identity by Sundae Schneider-Bean

Playing in a Bigger Space

Playing in a Bigger Space: Transformational Relationships for Powerful Results, by Eric de Nijs


coachbook: A Guide to Organizational Coaching Strategies and Practices, by William Bergquiest and Agnes Mura



Powerful Performance Coaching Tips by Wai K Leong


Powerful Performance Coaching Tips, by Wai K Leong


GCN in the Media!

GCN on the Emeral PlanetMay 2011, we were on TV! The program titled "Women, Leadership, and the Global Coaches Network: Positive Impacts for Sustainable Development" aired on the Emeral Planet and may be viewed by clicking here. Barrie was proud to appear with other women global coaches and global leaders, including Lynn King from Shanghai, Salome van-Coller-Peter from Cape Town, and Zarine Jacob from London.


Sundae Schneider-Bean


Sundae Schneider-Bean

Bern, Switzerland


"Sundae Schneider-Bean is a wonderful Coach and Intercultural Trainer. All our students have very appreciated the intercultural training with her. And I had the opportunity to have a coaching in intercultural management which was really fantastic. Sundae, thank you so much." Marianne Probst Colombage