Assessment, Feedback, and Coaching

At GCN we are particular about the assessments we use and construct.  We like assessments that have been validated in multiple cultures to ensure reliable results.  In recognition that our global organizational clients often have their own organizational leadership competency assessment, we are open to working with the client's assessments or collaborating in the assessment process. 

At GCN, we always recommend assessment, feedback, development planning, and follow-up coaching to assure correct implementation of performance changes.  It is extraordinarily difficult to change a small thing such as a habit.  It is even more difficult to shift from a local perspective to a global mindset.   However, the personalized coaching process is ideal for guiding leaders to make big changes and achieve their stretch goals. 

GCN coaches collectively use approximately 100 assessments.  The following list of assessments is an introduction to the global assessments used most often in the "GCN Coach Approach" in the development of global leaders.  All of the following assessments are available through GCN.

  • Polaris Global Leadership Development Assessment by OSI & Espirit Global Learning: Measures global leadership competencies in five major areas: Cultural Competence, Social and Emotional Intelligence, Global Business Leadership, Personal Competence.

  • 360 Interviewing:  This is a process that is often used in combinations with the 360 assessment.  This is a process of interviewing those around the leader who can provide significant information on the current performance of the leader including the leader's boss, peers, and direct reports.

  • Country Navigator by TMA World: Delivers a personal profile of one's cultural preferences and the ability to compare them to others in the leader's network or to generalized profiles of multiple countries.  The ability to compare provides the opportunity to prepare for intercultural interaction.  This tool has many other extremely useful applications and very relevant engaging information.

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Because of their training in cultural competence, personal and interpersonal competence and global leadership competencies, GCN coaches are especially prepared to provide meaningful insight when debriefing these assessments.





"The unexamined life is not worth living." 



Ursula Leitzmann
Ursula Leitzmann,

Regensburg Germany


"For me it was a great experience to talk to Ursula. Ursula immediately created an atmosphere, where I had trust that the topics of the coaching would be handled confidentially. Thus we had very open discussion of various topics and the two calls were very intense. I experienced a steep learning curve even though we only talked two hours overall. I learned a lot about myself and the brief 'role plays' during the calls were very very helpful. I could use the action plans I found in me with the help of Ursula´s coaching immediately and on the spot in my daily work.

As a side note I believe that doing the coaching in German was very helpful for me; I don´t think that this would have worked so well, if we had done the coaching in English."