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Uday Khedkar
Uday Khedkar

West Mumbai, India


"It gives me great pleasure in commending the work of Uday Khedkar and the impact it has had on my professional life. I have known Uday for over 15 years now and have followed his career with great interest and admiration. About two years back, at a time in my professional life, when I was at a crossroad I sought his help to coach me. This turned out to be life-changing decision for me. He embarked upon coaching me to be able to handle the larger leadership role that Knight Frank wanted me play.
I learnt a lot, my vision got clear, my horizon widened, I discovered so many aspects of myself that I was hitherto unaware of and was able to chalk out a plan, path and destiny for myself. Uday has a very unassuming style of coaching. He invested a lot of time in understanding me and my goals and hence he was able to effectively chalk out a program for me." -Naushad Panjwani, Executive Director, Knight Frank India