Global Leadership Coach Training

If you are a global leader, a high potential leader, an internal or external coach, or an HR professional who works globally or wants to, global leadership coach training will help you to become:

  • Personally competent to work in the global arena
  • Culturally competent to develop talent worldwide
  • Global leadership competent, prepared with an understanding of global leadership competencies so that you can develop global leaders worldwide 
  • Experienced as a global leadership coach capable of adapting your coaching skills to the cultural preferences of the client you are coaching.

Leaders are often taught coaching skills as they have been developed in coaching programs originating in the United States.  These skills are often used as if they were generic and could be applied to people in all cultures at all times.  GCN understands that many of the coach competencies, as approved by the International Coach Federation, must be adapted for use outside the US.

In the GCN Global Coach Development Training Program, participants learn to develop leaders with vision and inspiration by working with them at the intersection of personal, cultural, and global leadership competencies.  This includes:

  • The ability to apply ICF coach competencies in a multicultural global organizational setting
  • Global Mindset
  • High degree of social and emotional intelligence and ability to evoke this in leaders working globally
  • Cultural competence and the ability to raise the awareness, and sensitivity of global leaders on how to execute business strategy with cultural intelligence
  • Global Business Competence - knowledge of global leadership competencies and the ability to help leaders to develop these competencies while dealing effectively with current business and leadership challenges

For more information, contact Barrie Zucal at or at +1.301.274.3898 in Washington, DC.






"We are citizens of the world.  The tragedy of our times is that we don't know this." 

Woodrow Wilson, US President



Natalie Sayer

Natalie Sayer

Surprise, Arizona USA


"Natalie has the ability to clarify and pinpoint critical issues very quickly. Her coaching has helped me to take my business to the next level and clarify my goals."  -  Lena Wright