Our Team

Barrie Zucal

Barrie Zucal, M.S.





    Ed Modell,

   VP of Business Development and General Counsel






Natalie Sayer

Natalie Sayer,






Xina Raley


Xina Raley,

Executive Administrator




Clare Smith


Clare Smith,

Head of Administrative Projects







Karen Davey-Winter

Karen Davey-Winter,

Kennisington, MD


As a result of working with Karen, I was able to develop new and practical strategies to handle very challenging situations. Karen's ability to listen and ask probing questions enabled me to think through what was blocking me, and help me identify solutions that I might not have thought of before. My goals in coaching were established very clearly at the start of our coaching, and we checking in on them throughout the coaching sessions. In addition to the leadership coaching, Karen worked with my team and me to help us work through some challenging communication issues. The energy in the team at the end of the workshops was drastically different than it was at the start of the work. - Jennifer Carr, Manager IT Shared Services