Global Leadership Coaching

Global Coaches Network (GCN) uses their unique "global coach approach" in global leadership development to position leaders for current and future success.  GCN coaches work with leaders to resolve their current business challenges while developing the leader's personal, cultural, and global leadership competencies which leads to efficient execution and better business results.

Coaching is always about thinking bigger, playing a bigger game, and achieving more.

Executive coaching is a powerful customized developmental learning process designed to use current business challenges as learning opportunities to do better business while developing the potential of the leader. 

GCN's Global Coaching Model 

GCN defines global leadership coaching as the powerful process of creating inspirational and visionary leaders while developing their personal, intercultural, and global leadership competencies.  These competencies are just what leaders need to realize better business results and manage across cultures more effectively and effortlessly.

Smaller EAGLE Model

 For more information on GCN's individual six month Global Leadership Coaching Program, EAGLE, contact Barrie Zucal at +1.301.274.3898 or at





"If you want to get the best out of someone, you must look for the best that is in them." 

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Shyam Malhotra

Shyam Malhotra

New Delhi, India


"I personally have benefited immensely under coaching program run by Shyam Malhotra between September 2008 and March 2009. HCL was running a leadership development program for its top 50 managers. The methodology used by Shyam worked perfectly with me. His style and approach and commitment to confidentiality gave me confidence to open out and share my experiences and express freely the areas I wanted to improve on. He turned out to be a good sounding board and always navigated me to think through the situation and come out with alternatives that I could try on my daily work life. Four and a half months since my last coaching session, three of the work habits that I initiated during these coaching sessions have still stuck with me, perhaps forever. I would say that the coaching sessions was a good investment of my time and a good ROI for HCL. I will be happy to recommend Shyam as a coach to any senior executive."