Hello Coaches,

Welcome to Global Coaches Network, a pioneer in the field of global leadership coaching.  Currently we have 300 coaches in 68 countries coaching in 46 languages.

We also provide an Advanced Certification in Global Leadership Coaching.  Even though our coaches have been organizational leaders, are coach trained, and have coached at the Vice Presidential level or the C-level for a minimum of 5 years, they have not learned the competencies and wisdom they need to coach leaders in global roles including:

  • Personal competence for coaching global leaders
  • Intercultural competence for coaching global leaders
  • Global leadership competencies which are different from those of domestic leaders
  • How to develop a global mindset
  • The tough questions global leaders must consider to ensure the wellbeing of the global community and the healing and sustainability of the planet.

If you are a globally minded experienced executive coach who wants to contribute to the discussion on global leadership coaching, you are welcome to attend the certification.  We would love to meet you!