Women Lead the World:

Adventures in Global Leadership for Women

A Highly Customized Virtual Course

Designed by Barrie Zucal, MS

"Leaders in the business world should aspire to be true planetary citizens. They have global responsibilities since their decisions affect not just the world of business, but world problems of poverty, national security, and the environment."

                           Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop.

Are you an adventurer, a big thinker, someone who wants to excel in a global role and make a difference in the world?  This course is specifically designed for women who are already adventurers or want to become more adventurous as leaders in global roles working with others from one or more cultures.

Global roles require expertise that goes beyond what is needed to be successful in domestic organizations.  Women in global roles must be clear about the competencies they already have as leaders and the global leadership competencies they need to thrive in their global roles.  With this information, they can intentionally apply develop themselves as leaders and avoid the predictable obstacles that women in global roles encounter when working in multiple cultures.  Working globally provides women great opportunities to learn and have a bigger impact as their role drives them to venture beyond their own boundaries of self, family, community, and culture, and worldview.     

In 6 sessions, participants will learn the basics for success in leading themselves and others in a diverse global work system, and leading their world for good. Participants will set goals for what they want to achieve by the end of the course.  Topics may include:

  • Setting Goals, Minimizing or Eliminating Distractions from Goals

  • Conscious Leadership: Who am I now as a leader and what impact am I having?

  • Who in the World am I and who are you?  Cultural Preferences and Considerations in leading a global workforce.

  • Influencing within my global work system

  • Predictable Challenges for Women in Global Roles and how to Minimize or Eliminate them 

  • What gets in the way: Preparing for the Predictable and Unpredictable Challenges

  • Focusing my Power to Change my Organization and my World for Good

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Group Coaching Program for Global Leadership Development

Adventure in Global Leadership 

This program provides an optimal learning environment for developing global leaders for approximately half the cost of individual development.

The Group Coaching Global Leadership Development Program is an emersion experience for 5-8 peer leaders or high potential leaders from different cultures to develop interpersonal, intercultural, and global leadership competencies while learning to collaborate, co-create, and develop each other.

The following outcomes are expected for the leaders in the group:

  • Become better decision makers.
  • Anticipate the cultural issues in doing business globally and avoid the predictable challenges.
  • Understand their impact on their colleagues from different cultures and be able to adapt to be more effective in their intercultural relationships.
  • Engage with colleagues, bosses, and to direct reports across borders for higher performance and retention.
  • Lead global virtual teams to accomplish their objectives without stress and struggle. 
  • Gain more buy-in of business initiatives across borders.
  • Blend local and corporate best practices. 
  • Become cultural bridge builders across organizations to implement business strategy globally.

Delivery Methodology: Telephone, Skype, Web based conference system, web based group site.

Delivery Time Frame: Six months, approximately 25 hours of assessment, feedback, individual development planning, and group coaching.

Contact Barrie Zucal at +1.301.274.3898 or at barrie@globalcoaches.com for a detailed description of the program.





"Leaders in the business world should aspire to be true planetary citizens. They have global responsibilities since their decisions affect not just the world of business, but world problems of poverty, national security, and the environment." 

Anita Roddick, Founder The Body Shop


Andra Morosi

Andra Morosi

Paris France


"These intercultural training sessions were a real success as they went well beyond stereotypes by proposing tools that enable us to think for ourselves and decide on the proper behaviours to adopt. The interactive, playful dimension of the approach was particularly appreciated as it raised awareness about the potential pitfalls and blunders to be avoided in international situations. A lot of the contents of the training can be exploited as much in a professional as in a personal context."

V.P. Marketing Manager, international FMCG corporation