Coaching for Global Team Leaders and Their Teams

It is possible that 50% of global teams do not achieve their team objectives.  If this statistic is correct, global teams are wasting vast quantities of time, money, and energy.

Leading a global team is a challenge for any leader.  It is a complex challenge to work together with others who may be in different time zones, who have different cultural preferences for communication, different models for decision making and problem solving, different orientations toward time, and different expectations about what is appropriate in developing working relationships.  In addition, for some team members, English may be their second, third, fourth, or fifth language. 

GCN begins working with the team by strengthening the leader.  Coaching for the leader of a global team empowers that leader and can often get the team off to a good start or back on track without spending extra time and money to work with the whole team.

GCN coaches work with the team leader to:

  • Develop personal, intercultural, and global leadership competencies
  • Assess the challenges that he/she and the team faces
  • Use a GCN design for an Intercultural Working Agreement to get the team to leverage differences and create a foundational agreement so the team functions at its best.

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"I never did anything alone.  Whatever was accomplished in this country was accomplished collectively." 

Golda Meir (Israeli Founder and Prime Minister 1898-1978)



Samuel Wee


Samuel Wee

Singapore and Geneva Switzerland


"The organization that I was with had been bought over by an even larger multinational corporation.  Over the months, my work had been overwhelming to such a degree that my Director of Human Resource was concerned my performance and stress state, if no assistance is available for me.  A call for proposal was made to different professionals.  With my DHR, we felt that Samuel, who has a deep understanding of business and high coaching competencies, would be best in assisting me in meeting my professional and life challenges.  I am glad that I have come to know Samuel, who has help me tremendously in meeting these challenges."  Michael Farnham, Chief Operating Office, Alcatel-Lucent.