Women in Global Leadership: What the World Needs Now!

Although women have come a long way in the world of business and organizational leadership, they still occupy a small percentage of the highest level corporate positions and a small percentage of the seats in corporate boards.  Organizations are losing talent because too many women are still leaving corporate work. They don't feel that they fit in or fit the environment. 

However, this is a time in the history when the world needs the strengths that women bring  as leaders to balance the world of work that has been predominantly a world of men.  This is a time when we need all the available talent so organizations can work together to co-create and make better decisions, because what global organizations do impacts the rest of the world community and the world environment.

Leaders at this time and in the future must be as:

  • Compassionate as they are results driven
  • Collaborative as they are individual thinkers
  • Process focused as well as product focused
  • Wise as they are knowledgeable
  • Just as they are clever
  • Ethical as they are revenue builders
  • Focused globally and locally
  • Engaging as they are directive

This program to develop global women leaders combines individual and group coaching for women leaders from multiple cultures.  In this cutting edge global leadership development program, women leaders will learn global leadership competencies and apply them to their current business challenges with an emphasis on co-creation, collaboration, authenticity, and their own deep wisdom.  

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"Instead, the sacred aspect of leadership is based on the undeniable fact that all humans everywhere are interconnected through their relationships in profound, practical ways. The sacred flows from the wellsprings of those deep, human relationships."

                                                    Brent Filson


Jane Maloney

Jane Maloney

New York, NY USA


"I have found Jane Maloney to be an excellent coach to some of our women Partners and Directors. She has good business insights which she combines with a strong sense of each individual's strengths. She provides insightful advice and can positively change behavior in the women with whom she works. Jane has been a pleasure to work with." -Billie Ida Williamson, Senior Partner, Big Four Professional Services Firm