GCN's Mobile Coach Unit

Imagine that you have a global leadership coach you work with who you find very helpful and supportive.  This coach has helped you to think with a global mindset, understand and leverage cultural differences and build better business relationships. 

Imagine that you have a high stake meeting coming up in a country with a culture very different from yours where there will be others from multiple countries.  You wish to be as effective as possible at influencing this group. 

Now imagine that you could have your coach with you to plan strategy before and during the meeting, confer with during breaks or in the room to observe the process.  Imagine having your coach as a resource to help you to understand the nuances of what is happening in this intercultural meeting so that you can respond in ways that will have the most influence. 

Imagine having a GCN Mobile Coach available to you in preparation for and while you are leading a meeting.  GCN Mobile coaches can be helpful anytime you are on the move and you could use a resource to keep you grounded.

The value of having a mobile coach is that they can actually see the people and the processes you are facing.  They can bring objectivity to the situation that you as a leader may not have because you are involved in the situation on the inside.  Because our coaches are familiar with the impact of culture on thinking and behavior and because they know your goals and are in your corner, you can trust their perspective.  They can help you to learn in the moment "in situ" while meeting your business goals.

No one has to be all on their own when GCN Mobile Coaches are available. 

Please contact Barrie Zucal at barrie@globalcoaches.com or at +1.301.274.3898 in Washington, DC to see if a GCN Mobile Coach can be helful to you.





Linda McLoughlin
Linda McLoughlin

Doublin Ireland and Dubai UAE


"Linda's insight, expertise and professionalism were invaluable in developing a strategic plan for our start up organisation. She is a pleasure to work with, always positive, constructive and pragmatic in her advice. I look forward to working with Linda again." - Mary Griffin, Head of Corporate Services at Coru