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TMA World - Collaborating to Compete

TMA World ( works with many of the world's most forward-thinking organizations to understand their aspirations and needs in order to deliver consulting, blended training and talent development solutions that inspire, transform and delight. In short, we help you collaborate to compete everywhere to:

  • Create a globally collaborative organization that harnesses the potential of your diverse talent.
  • Realize the power of virtual teams that collaborate deeply and seamlessly.
  • Transform individuals into leaders who can translate and deliver strategies on a truly global scale.

We ensure the seamless international rollout of training initiatives through our global network of in-country consultants. Across countries and languages, we maintain consistent training quality and learning objectives, combined with adaption of training delivery styles to meet local cultural expectations.

Global Coaches and TMA World work in close partnership to deliver blended coaching and training solutions to individuals and teams seeking to succeed on the global stage.


Sicola Consulting Group


The Sicola Consulting Group is an educational consulting firm delivering customized curricula and professional development programs to help clients develop the linguistic and cultural skills necessary in today's rapidly diversifying work and school environments. Our state-of-the-field, research and experience-based training programs promote bottom-line success in today's corporate, non-profit, university and K-12 communities.




Kathy Vaughan
Kathleen Vaughan

Nairobi Kenya



"Kathleen Vaughan is a talented consultant who brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and abilities in conflict management, inter-cultural competence, and organizational development. Ms Vaughan brings an abundance of energy, insight, talent, professionalism, and passion to her work." Rob Thaler