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Mapping Your Work System for Fun and Profit: Learn to think systemically while mapping your global work system. Understand the relationships between you and those in your work system. Then intentionally use this knowledge to influence the changes you want to see in the system to increase sales, profit, productivity, collaboration and more.

Get Your Global Mindset: Using the Global Mindset Inventory developed by the Thunderbird School of Global Management, assess and develop your global mindset in this one day workshop.

Global Leadership Coaching: The Essential Competence for Leaders who want to succeed in Global Roles: In this three day workshop, leaders will learn intercultural awareness and sensitivity, and develop the personal, intercultural, and global leadership competencies that form the basis for success as a global leader with global coaching capability. Leaders can leverage these coaching capabilities in managing others from multiple countries, leading global virtual teams, leading initiatives with diverse people, and in many other ways in global work.

Listening Beyond Boundaries: In this one day workshop, leaders will learn to listen beyond their current capabilities to understand what is going on below the tip of the iceberg and beyond their current understanding. This ability to listen will relieve stress, increase creativity, and build connection and accountability.

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Jennifer Whitcomb
Jennifer Whitcomb

Washington, DC USA



"Jennifer Whitcomb is an exceptional coach and an extraordinary human; it's truly a privilege to endorse her.  Jennifer's gifts include establishing trust and wisely assessing the environment in which an employee works.  Jennifer's understated and clear approach allows her to quickly overcome skepticism and gently guide clients toward the highest value opportunities.  She consistently provides a healthy mix of providing helpful information, offering moral support, and challenging clients to become more self aware.  Jennifer's positive attitude and good humor are downright contagious; these qualities serve her well as she engages in sensitive conversations which prompt her clients to stretch and grow."