Why GCN?

Since 2005, Global Coaches Network has been a pioneer in the field of coaching for global leadership development going where few, if any, coaching companies have gone before. 

Knowing that the global leader needs a coach who understands the complex demands of the diverse global marketplace, GCN hires former global leaders as coaches, many of whom have been expatriates.  GCN trains these experienced executive coaches in personal, cultural, and global leadership competence to lead their organizations to success in the global business arena.  GCN coaches are perfectly positioned to meet the developmental needs of global leaders.  These qualifications plus the GCN Coach Training distinguishes GCN from other coaching companies. 

GCN coaches bring the following expertise to their work with global leaders:

1.      The power of coaching to achieve results and improve performance

2.      The equally powerful cultural lens 

3.      Understanding of social and emotional intelligence in a global context

4.      Knowledge of global leadership competencies

5.      A global system's work context to each coaching assignment. 

This equals the ability to coach leaders to make better decisions, anticipate cultural differences in doing business and in forming relationships before they become cultural collisions, the ability to manage themselves in the stressful and demanding world of global business, and get better business results

GCN clients are guaranteed to get a coach who has experienced the challenges and successes of being a global leader.  Because GCN trains its coaches, we also guarantee consistency in the delivery of programs worldwide.   Because we are globally located, we can use the intelligence of coaches worldwide on behalf of our client organizations.  For example, if the organization has a leader located in the US who leads an initiative in Asia, we can assign an American coach and an Asian coach to the leader during their coaching engagement.  If the same leader is presenting to an African audience, we can provide a coach who can help the leader prepare to do an effective presentation in Africa. 

Our satisfied clients include: Intel, Pfizer, Arinc, the United States Department of Agriculture, the United States Bio Regulatory Service, and Sandhurst in the United Kingdom, the EMBA program at the University of Maryland University College and the Global Leadership Certificate Program at the Center for leadership in Global enterprise at McDaniel College in Maryland, USA, and Communicaid. 

For more information, contact your regional representative or Barrie Zucal at barrie@globalcoaches.com or at +1.301.274.3898 in the Washington, DC area.





"In any part of the world, leadership is about influence. There are many ways to influence others: Directing them, rewarding them, inspiring them, or giving them ownership of the decision are but a few examples. The leader's task in a multicultural world is to influence direct reports, project teams, supply chain partners, client organizations, and regulatory agencies that have different cultural, political, and institutional backgrounds."

Mansour Javidan, The Future of Leadership Series, HBR, is the Dean of Research, Garvin Distinguished Professor, and Director the Global Mindset Leadership Institute at Thunderbird School of Global Management.