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A study done by The Economist Intelligence Unit in 2006 found that 90% of executives from more than 60 countries said that cross-cultural leadership was one of their top management challenges. 

Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness in the Global Context

How can organizations develop leaders who have the personal and interpersonal skills to successfully collaborate and model effective collaboration?  How can organizations grow leaders who can develop effective relationships which will matter more in the future as technology and processes become more automated and more partnerships are created between organizations?

Personal and Interpersonal Challenges of Global Leaders:

  • Managing self, including emotions, language, communication style, and potential leadership derailers.
  • Managing relationships including those relationships within the global work system including internal relationships, relationships with customers, vendors, and stakeholders.
  • Becoming resilient to include health and well being, management of energy, and personal relationships.

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Intercultural Effectiveness in Global Leadership

Is it possible for organizations to really leverage cultural differences?  Can organizations embed cultural competence in their organizational leadership competencies and global leadership development so that leaders can implement appropriate business strategies globally and locally and maintain effective intercultural working relationships?

 Cultural Challenges of Global Leaders

  • Becoming culturally intelligent
  • Adapting leadership presence and style as appropriate in different cultures without losing focus and authenticity
  • Selecting and developing high potential leaders from diverse and unfamiliar cultures
  • Doing cultural due diligence
  • Leveraging cultural differences
  • Developing interpersonal skills that are engaging across cultures and intentionally adapting them to work effectively with others globally

Leadership Challenges of Global Leaders 

How do global organizations develop leaders who share the company's core leadership values and competencies, think globally, and execute in multiple local environments?  How do they ensure that leadership development programs are fully implemented?  

Leadership Challenges of Global Leaders Working in Multiple Cultures

  • Avoiding delays in production and deliverables
  • Collaborating without misunderstanding
  • Engaging employees in multiple cultures
  • Balancing the implementation of corporate strategy with local business practices
  • Dealing with the complexities of doing business globally
  • Leveraging cultural differences on global teams
  • Thinking beyond personal boundaries of culture, race and gender, etc.
  • Systems thinking

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"Japanese and American management is 95 percent the same and differs in all inportant aspects."

Takeo Fugisawa, Co-founder Honda Motor Corporation



Doug LambertDoug Lambert

Dubai, UAE


"He delivered exceptional coaching services to our delegates whom he coached on program learning's, work challenges and performance objectives. Throughout the program Executive Directors made significant behavioral changes and achieved their performance objectives. Select individuals displayed noteworthy changes such as increased confidence, assertiveness and improved significantly in areas such as leading their teams more effectively and in presenting and public speaking. He made a major contribution with his coaching and his strategic input into the design and implementation of the program, and as a result the leadership program was highly successful.

His positive energy, diligence and great sense of humor have made him a pleasure to work with and I recommend him without hesitation to any organization that is committed to making positive change and enhancing individual performance. In my view this coach is the best coach in the region and anyone who has the opportunity to be coached by him will benefit significantly." 

Program Manager for large Government Department