Our Story

Barrie Zucal, the founder of GCN, has always been a woman of the world. She started traveling as soon as she started her first job after college. Her curiosity and interest in the people of the world took her to the Middle East and Asia as an expatriate.

In 2002, when the field of coaching was brand new, Barrie who had been a teacher, a marriage and family therapist, and management consultant in the US, The Middle East and Asia, began studying coaching. After two coach training programs, Barrie began coaching US leaders in global roles. She immediately realized that these leaders were working highly complex multicultural systems with roles that demanded they become much more savvy and sophisticated about how to work with diverse people in multiple cultures and markets. She was one of the first coaching leaders to realize that leadership and organizational success must be interconnected with the wellbeing of our global community and the sustainability of our planet. She developed learning systems, processes, and materials to help her executive leader clients to be more successful and to contribute a higher level expertise to their organizations.

Coaches worldwide, with a similar attraction to global work, became interested in Barrie’s work with leaders in global roles and requested training. In 2005, Barrie and her colleague Kathy Trickey held a global coach training for 25 coaches in eight countries based on their interest in learning a “global coach approach” to executive coaching. Global Coaches Network was born in this context.
Global Coaches Network, one of the only coaching organizations to bring a sophisticated global perspective to executive coaching, now has 300 coaches in 75 countries. Where other coaching organizations develop the personal and interpersonal competencies of the leader, GCN coaches can assess the personal, intercultural, and global leadership challenges the leader is dealing with, even if the leader doesn’t recognize them, and work with the leader to reframe them into learning opportunities. They can also help leaders in global roles and local organizations to develop competencies they need to be successful in the markets where they work. Each coach has been selected, oriented, and trained by GCN to deliver a customized approach to the developing leaders who contribute to the business success of the organization.

Global Coaches Network has been selected by global organizations, locally diverse organizations, and consulting companies to provide coaches at all organizational levels to think globally, think systems, and lead the business to succeed. GCN is proud to contribute to the success of organizations that make a positive difference in the markets where they work. GCN is also proud to contribute to the mission of other organizations that are also improving the quality of life on for those in our global community and on our planet.